A bit of Lenisse

*My children have taught me the true meaning of unconditional love.

*I LOVE to draw. I used to dream of working as an animator at Disney… good times!

*My Husband is one of my greatest blessings. His love is a gift that I open everyday.

*I’m a true “mamarazzi”. I can’t stop photographing my kids!

*My parents are my heroes. I can’t see having anyone else as my heroes.

*Mornings starts with a good cup of coffee. ALWAYS!

*I believe in marriage, commitment, togetherness, friendship, love and family.

*Slightly obsessed with Chocolate! Dark, milk, white… you name it! I love it all!

*I’m originally from Brazil with Japanese lineage and my husband is American-Chinese-Jamaican! We are a global mix!

*I'm an expert on tasting Wedding cakes! Make sure to save one slice for me! :P

*I’m grateful to my mentors and teachers, who empower me to take charge of my future.

*I get emotional at Weddings… I can’t help myself!

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